Why does my pee smell after taking modafinil?

Why Does My Pee Smell After Taking Modafinil?

So you’ve taken your morning does of Modafinl which you bought from a reputable supplier  and the day is turning out great. About 10:30 you go for a pee and sniff sniff what is that strange smell? It smells kind of like you ate some Asparagus (although true fact: not everyone can smell asparagus in their[…]

modafinil helps attention mri

Modafinil Study – MRI Scan Shows Modafinil Helps Attention

A new study carried out in April 2017 has shown that using Modafinil helps attention in healthy adults. This is not exactly news to anyone who has tried modafinil before – laser like focus and concentration is kind of what this stuff is renowned for. However, a good old double blind study to back up[…]

does modafinil help memory?

Does Modafinil Help Memory?

People have always wished they could enhance their brain function, focus better, retain more memory, but smartness or enhanced brain functionality has always been hard to manipulate by synthetic means. We know that people have experimented with various substances – Adderall and Ritalin are two of the most popular drugs that are known to be[…]

The 6 best places to buy modafinil online in 2017.

The 6 best places to buy modafinil online in 2017. Figuring where to buy modafinil online for delivery to the USA, UK or Australia is easy if you use our regularly updated list. Suppliers come and go (R.I.P ModafinilCat), product quality changes fast. I created this guide to the best places to buy modafinil online to help[…]

can modafinil help depression

Does Modafinil Help Depression?

Modafinil is a well-known cognitive booster. It is classified as a smart drug, and has been used by many to pass school tests and improve performance at work and in life. But does Modafinil help depression? And is there any scientific proof that it would be better than traditional antidepressants? The Take of the Scientific[…]

modafinil sjs stevens johnson syndrome

Modafinil Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) – What Is The Risk?

Stephens-Johnson Syndrome, commonly abbreviated as SJS, is a severe skin disease that can lead to death if not treated early enough. It affects the skin, mucous membrane, genitals and eyes. SJS causes a person to develop blisters on the skin and in the body, making the skin to peel off. As a result, other processes[…]

ModafinilStar Discount Codes – Flash Sale Now On!

FLASH SALE NOW ON! VALID 3rd MARCH 2017 to 8th MARCH 2017 ONLY Grab yourself a complete bargain over at ModafinlStar. For a very limited time they are offering two really great deals which will get you more boom for your buck. To claim the deals below simply choose your deal from the two below and[…]