Why does my pee smell after taking modafinil?

Why Does My Pee Smell After Taking Modafinil?

So you’ve taken your morning does of Modafinl which you bought from a reputable supplier  and the day is turning out great. About 10:30 you go for a pee and sniff sniff what is that strange smell? It smells kind of like you ate some Asparagus (although true fact: not everyone can smell asparagus in their[…]

can modafinil help depression

Does Modafinil Help Depression?

Modafinil is a well-known cognitive booster. It is classified as a smart drug, and has been used by many to pass school tests and improve performance at work and in life. But does Modafinil help depression? And is there any scientific proof that it would be better than traditional antidepressants? The Take of the Scientific[…]

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What is the best modafinil dosage?

Anyone who is not a total utter loony should be asking themselves ‘What is the correct modafinil dosage?’ before they pop a pill. Since the drug is a little bit illicit you can’t really ask your doctor or you mum for advice, fortunately we are here to help. The majority of you will be looking[…]

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The difference between provigil and nuvigil

Provigil (modafinil) and Nuvigil (armodafinil) are wakefulness promoting drugs used for combating excessive sleepiness. Here we look at the difference between Provigil and Nuvigil. They work in the same way as they contain only slightly different formulas of the same basic chemical. Who makes this stuff? Provigil and nuvugil were developed by the same company,[…]

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Where can I buy modafinil online?

What are the best places where I can buy modafinil online… For anyone who has tried to buy modafinil online you will be familiar with the slightly uncomfortable feeling of placing an order. Crappy websites based in India don’t inspire confidence. Legality issues. Purity concerns. It’s not exactly like buying on Amazon. Fortunately we have[…]